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Key Areas @ KU Leuven

The improvement of the quality of life in all its variety has always been one of the dominant driving forces behind science. Particularly in recent decennia, it has been widely realized that scientific research contributes substantially to wellfare as well as to well-being.

However, our societies are now facing new societal, ecological, economic problems, in many policy plans described as ‘grand challenges’. Since both education and research are prerequisite to guarantee any succes in tackling these global challenges, universities worldwide investigate how their scientists can contribute to solve these universal problems.

This website gives an overview of the current potentialities and know-how at KU Leuven in nine so-called ‘Key Areas’, all of them being highly multidisciplinary. The proposed webpages refer to scientists at KU Leuven, using the most advanced scientific approaches and the facilities at their disposal. All the example projects within these nine clusters were carefully selected after open competition and international peer review. Many of these research groups are recognized, world-wide, to belong to the leaders in their field. Although emphasis is put on fundamental research, a vivid interest in societal and economic applications, including their relevance in the scope of the ‘grand challenges’, is omnipresent.

The overview is subdivided in projects that were selected by the KU Leuven in the scope of internal funding (Methusalem, Programme funding) completed with other innovative projects with high research potential, mainly funded by external sources (ERC, Odysseus Program ,…).

Finally, impact on society is indicated with valorisation initiatives originating from these clusters.